It’s time to go mobile

We’re all going to be playing pokies on our mobiles sooner or later but if you haven’t taken the plunge quite yet – that may be good news? That’s basically because the offers are getting better all the time – and so are the games and their technical interfaces.

Overall, there’s a mad scramble for our mobile business and – depending on what type of mobile you’re going to be playing on exactly – the nature of the game can make a big difference to its suitability for mobile play.

The big online casinos and other gamers realise that once we’ve downloaded the mobile app with one provider for mobile players, we’re generally more resistant to change than we are sitting at our desktops. This may change over time – but there will have been a lot of business done by the time everything’s settled down and the market place is surely too crowded to support them all as things stand. And as with any market – where you get supply exceeding demand, you get falling prices and that’s what’s happening in the gaming work with all the providers making better and better offers to try and land customers. And this is even more the case with mobile pokies and other games; basically, everyone wants our business – and they want it as soon as they can possibly get it.

So this puts us punters in a great position and taking advantage of some of the best welcome bonus offers around for your mobile can really make you feel like a high roller.

Most big games providers have great offers to sign us up in the first place – then to try and keep us playing on the same site. 32Red Australia is one of the best in this regard. With this site, new registered players get an immediate £32 for each £20 worth deposited, up to a maximum of £160. What’s more, the site has over 500 different online pokies and casino games and it really goes to town in making the games realistic, fun and above all, creative. Virtually all mobiles are supported such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

32Red has been awarded the title of ‘Best Casino’ each and every year since 2003, so it’s certainly doing something right – and the site has 250 different online pokies including 3 and 5-reel games, progressive slots and some of web’s biggest jackpots such as ‘Mega Moolah’ whose jackpot is guaranteed at over £1 million.

Pretty much all the big companies now offer mobile gaming and they’re continually improving the mobile pokies experience as well as their offers. So it’s always worth keeping an eye on these offers as the big players try to outdo one another. In fact, it is estimated that the market for mobile gaming will be worth £6.3 billion by 2014. It’s time to join the mobile revolution if you haven’t yet.


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