Great Place for New Slots Players

If you’re new to slots, there’s no better place to start than at online casino, where players have a huge selection of different slots to choose from.

Playing slots is really easy and all the slots come with really clear instructions for how to play and information on how the different bonuses work. You can play as many of the games as you like in demo mode, so you get all the fun of placing bets and spinning the reels without risking any real cash. This is the perfect environment to try out different bets and line combinations. The downside is that any wins will only be in play money as well!

However, at online casinos there’s always a great welcome bonus to take advantage of when you first sign up. When you open an account with a £10 deposit, the generous people of a casino online will top up your account to £35, giving you plenty of playing power! And that’s not where the generosity ends – every time you play online slots, you earn some money. Once you’ve got a number of Joy points together, you can enter one of the Prize Draws you’ll find in the Shop of Joy where you can win great prizes. It’s easy to keep track of your Joy points – they are shown next to your account balance at all times.

The great thing about playing online slots is that every spin of the reels could be the one that lands you a huge jackpot. And even when it doesn’t, they’re still fun and entertaining to play. There’s no strategy to playing slots, all you need to do is decide how much to bet per line, and how many lines to play per spin. Remember to keep an eye on your total bet (displayed on the screen) as the line bet only applies to one line.

So which slots games are the best for a beginner at online casino? It doesn’t really matter as each game is as easy as the next to play. Choose which to play according to which kind of slots you like best. Some people prefer the traditional, with three lines and three reels. Others prefer the multiline slots where you can play up to 100 lines a time. One of the most popular slot games is Slots Friendzy, where if you land three bonus symbols you’ll be taken to the Slots Friendzy bonus screen – the Wheel of Friendzy. Here you can win different prizes including cash and free spins. Watch out for the Friendzy meter on the screen, as you play it fills with little creatures called Friendzies and when it’s full to the brim, it’s Friendzy time. During Friendzy time, everything goes haywire, with symbols being mixed up, and Wilds and multipliers being added to the reels by the Friendzies. It’s hectic and exciting fun and there are plenty of prizes to be won!

Playing slots is a great way to get into online gaming and online casinos offer new players a great selection of games to get started with. And as you explore the rest of the site, you’ll discover why so many players have chosen online casinos as their most loved place to play slots.


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