Glossary of Casino Words

Casino can be a real place of enjoyment and thrill for a first time player. For first time players and those are not acquainted with gambling, it is important to know a few terms. This may save you from embarrassment when someone is talking to you and you do not understand the words he/she uses or it could help you to play better game when you know what everyone else is talking about around the casino. Understanding a few glossary terms will strengthen your comprehension of this fun game. Here are some basic terms in this glossary of casino words:


  • Professional gambler. This is a person who gambles to make the income. This is different from a person who has problems with gambling like gambling addiction. A professional gambler will not take high risks, he/she is disciplined, and manages his/her money well.
  • High Roller. This is a person who bets with a large sum of money.
  • George. This is one of the simplest words in this glossary that is favorite of many dealers. This word refers to someone who is a good tipper.
  • Tilt. Gamblers have this term in their personal glossary. It refers to losing control over gambling.


  • Token. Many slot machines need tokens in order to be played. This is another word for a casino coin which is made out of alloy.
  • Chips. This is an equivalent to money at the tables where the games are played.
  • Singles. Refers to chips that are only equivalent to $1.
  • Bad bills. This is a term that brings people’s ears up. Bad bills is just another term for counterfeit money.
  • Eye in the Sky. Hidden cameras are all over casinos which are used to detect cheats. They also keep an eye out the tables and see the hands that are being dealt.


  • Pitt. This is a place where gambling takes place on the tables.
  • RFB. It means casino which offers room, food and board. It can come in two packages. One is the limited RFB which is just made up of food and board while the second is called full RFB which means that there are additional services one can enjoy such as the use of the limo and more.


  • Barring. This means that a person can no longer enter the premises of the casino. It is another way of saying that the person is barred, expelled, or just no longer welcome. This could happen for a variety of reasons such as being caught cheating.
  • Chase. Problem gamblers have an issue with this which is why it is mostly associated with them. This term means that a gambler may bet more money or take larger risks in order to cover that which was lost.

The next time you go to a casino to enjoy the night and to make a few bets, it would be worthwhile to catch up on some glossary terms so that you can have a deeper appreciation of what is going around you when you understand the words or terms being spoken.


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