Slots Jackpot: Your Way to Get Your Money

You are playing the slots machine when suddenly after your n-th try, the lights began flashing on the top of slots, bells began ringing, and the message on the screen beamed: “Call Attendant”. Moments later, after a series of standard verification procedures, you are handed your slots jackpot in the form of a check (or cash). Congratulations, you just won the jackpot!

Winning the jackpot prize is no doubt the most exciting part of playing slots machine. After all, you don’t just play for fun, right? Somehow you feel that there is this hope of winning the jackpot. Many players had been extremely fortunate to win lump sum. How nice it would be to share the same luck – that is, if everything went on smoothly during the verification process.

Is It Win or a Mistake?

Slots JackpotHave you heard the news last year about the man who was denied of his jackpot prize worth $57 million? He was playing the online slots in a casino in Austria when he hit the jackpot, but when he went to claim his slots jackpot, the owners of the casino told him that “it was all a mistake” due to some software glitch. Instead of the $57 million, they gave him one $100 and a complimentary meal. Awful as it is, but things like that can happen to any players. Software glitches or machine malfunctions – these are a reality of casino gaming that can totally ruin the supposedly winning player’s mood (and his night).

How to Verify Your Winnings

For those who are new to playing casino slots machine, here are the standard procedures that are done when lady luck decided to take your side and you hit a jackpot:

  • 1. You will be asked for proper identification (with your photo) before they give you the cash or check. Accepted IDs includes any of the following: driver’s license, passport, or Military ID. It’s always a good idea to bring a proper ID. In case you don’t have any IDs with you, your photograph will be taken and your winnings will be put on hold until you return with a proper ID.
  • 2. If you hit smaller jackpot (below $5000), a slot attendant will verify that you indeed won, and then give you the cash.
  • 3. However, if you hit the bigger slots jackpot, the technicians will come by to check and certify that the machine was operating correctly when the jackpot was hit.
  • 4. You have the option of taking the money in the form of cash or check.
  • 5. In case you won the multi-million dollar top prize, you will be issued a check for partial amount only. They will give you three months to decide on how you prefer to claim the rest of the money; you can either get the lump sum, or arrange for annual annuity on the rest of the balance.
  • 6. Be ready for W-2G form. It will be issued to you by the IRS. It will list your name, address and social security number. Your winnings will be subject to federal taxes; the amount deducted depends on how much you won and in what machine.


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