What the Slots Machine Books Will Tell You

You walk inside the casino, and you feel the excitement in the air. The lights, the noise, the people, the sound of coins pouring into the tray - it evokes the feeling of fun and festivity, and in that instance you know you are going to have a good time. And just like the majority of casino first-timers, the first thing you pay attention to is slots machines. You load the coin, press the spin button and watch with anticipation as the reels turn rapidly… then the spin got slower and slower until it comes into a halt. You get different symbols at the slot machine screen. You try again… and again. Until you realize that although it is so simple to play, the odds of winning are not so high. But did you know that using several strategies and tips you can boost your chances of winning? The techniques, tips, and strategies were all revealed in many slots books that are available now at the internet.

What You Will Find in Slots Books

At slots featured books you will find a combination of different ideas, guidelines, tactics, and insider information written by authors who are also slots machine players like you, and even some of them are slot technicians themselves! Using their extensive experiences and knowledge of slots machine as well as their observation, you will get to know everything you need about slots, including:

  • Payback percentage, hold percentage and how they work;
  • How the best slot machines are located at the casinos - they are strategically placed where people will easily see them, but do not waste your time playing the slots in places like airports unless you just really want something to do to pass the time;
  • How does machine operate - discover what RNG/PRNGs is all about and how they directly affect the outcome of your game through the slots books which will give you an in-depth explanation to understand the inner workings of the system;
  • Which machines will (and will not likely) pay you out - machine denominations are the biggest factors here;
  • How to detect slot gimmicks or scams – shady promotions, rigged machines… yes, they do occur. The key here is to spot those scams and gimmicks to protect yourself;
  • How to cut down the House Edge – and maximize your winnings;
  • The IRS and what they are doing in casinos – they roam around at the casino. The slots books will tell you about the role of the IRS there;
  • Untrue slots superstitions – debunk the common myths and reveal the truth;
  • FAQ – shedding some light on common questions regarding slots in a form of question-answer.

These are several of a long list of things you can learn about slot machines at slots featured books. Although you could just perform some internet research, some information contained in these books is not easily found at the internet, especially the insider information. If you are serious slots player, you might want to get yourself a paperback or an e-copy of those books and experience a whole new gaming level. Read the following books to master you slots knowledge: The Slot Machine Answer book by John Grochowski , Powerful Profits From Video Slots by Victor Royer, Robbing the One-Armed Bandits by Charles Lund, Slot Machines: America's Favorite Gaming Device by Marshall Fey, Slots Operations: The Math & the Myth by Rich Lehman etc.


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