Slot Machine Secret and Answers to Questions

If you are new in pokies, there are chances that you might have some slot machine secrets, which are given here in the form of questions about the game that you would want answers you before you think of playing with real money. Below there are given some frequently asked questions about pokies and the answers.

What is the pay­out per­cent­age in pokies?
In Aus­tralia ac­cord­ing to the law, the min­im­um pay­out per­cent­age has to be 87%. However, in most cases the pay­out per­cent­age would al­ways be over 90% but it wouldn’t make much dif­fer­ence in short play ses­sions.

Can the pay­out per­cent­ages be changed?
The pay­out per­cent­ages of pokie ma­chines are fixed and can­not be changed once they are man­u­fac­tured by the pub, club or casino that owns it.

If the ma­chine has not paid for a while would there be a bet­ter chance of win­ning?
Every single spin in pokies is in­di­vidu­al and the chance of win­ning is the same for every spin. The ma­chine would not pay out just be­cause it hasn’t paid in a while.

If I bet more would there be a bet­ter chance to win?
in pokies the odds would al­ways re­main the same no mat­ter how much you bet. The ma­chine would not re­cog­nize how much you are bet­ting and wheth­er you bet the min­im­um amount or max­im­um, your odds would re­main the same.

Are there any strategies for win­ning at pokies?
There are no strategies or tricks for win­ning at pokies and any manu­als or e-books that claim that they of­fer a guar­an­teed trick for win­ning at pokies would just be a scan.

What would be the best place for play­ing pokies- casi­nos, clubs or pubs?
Gen­er­ally the casi­nos are your best choice since they have big­ger cash prizes and also some great re­ward and loy­alty pro­grams where you would be able to get some be­ne­fits and free­bies.

Can I buy a pokie for play­ing at home?
In Aus­tralia it is il­leg­al to pur­chase a pokie ma­chine for home use if you do not have a gam­ing li­cense.

Do the new ma­chines of­fer a bet­ter chance of win­ning?
Al­though it has been no­ticed that the new pokie ma­chines of­fer good pay­back on their first day, there is no lo­gic or any the­ory which can sup­port this in­form­a­tion.

Is the gambling fea­ture worth try­ing out?
The gambling fea­ture in pokies is in­ter­est­ing. If you would like to double your win­nings you can def­in­itely try the double up fea­ture. There are a few fea­tures and bets where the casino has no ad­vant­age at all so it would be best to make the most of these bets.

Are there really hot and cold streaks in pokies?
Though at times you would no­tice that there would be con­sist­ent wins or losses, there are no cycles of pokies. Every spin in pokies have the same odds of win­ning and hence there is no way to pre­dict a hot cycle and not that they even ex­ist.


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