Pokie Machines Types

Lots of players often wonder which is the best type of pokie machine available on the internet, with a wide range of selection of individual games, but the answer is very subjective. Your personal taste matters in selecting pokies machines as well as your personal style matters in selecting clothes. Here there are given a few examples of the slot types that will give you an idea of what is available out there.

Progressive Jackpot Pokie Machines

All the pokie machines have some sort of jackpot incentive with different stages of rewards. The large progressive jackpot pokies are the uninterrupted heavyweights of the pokie world with large jackpots that keep on rising. There are following types of progressive slot machines:

The Stand Alone Progressive Pokie Machine

Pokie machines of this type are not connected to each other and do not have fixed jackpot. Usually jackpots of Stand Alone Pokies are lower, then in other machines, because the percentage of the general quantity of coins played is lower, that in linked machines.

In-House or Proprietary Progressive Pokie Machines

In-House Pokie Machines are connected to each other at the territory of one casino or at the casinos who have the same owner. The jackpots are rather high and they are hit relatively often.

Wide Area Progressive Pokie Machines

These pokie machines have really huge kackpots, but very low chances to hit it. The matter is that machines of this types are connected not within the one casino or several related casinos, but within the big amount of different casinos operated by one gaming company.

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In progressive jackpots, players are offered great fun along with extraordinary graphics and great entertainment that allows player to play pokie machine games for sheering joy along with the promise of the hope to win impressive payout. Progressive pokie machines are a great hit for beginners' as well professional gamblers.

Classic Pokies Machines

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Conventional land based pokies have undoubtedly absorbed gamers since it decoded in all corners of the world and that is the reason why you will find variety of classic pokie games online. Along with celebrated symbols, wonderful graphics and original themes these classic pokies give maximum enjoyment and satisfaction with a charming dose of reminiscence.

Advantages of playing classic 3-reel pokies:

The three reel classic pokies offer great level of flexibility, it stakes from 0.01 to 100.00 to all gamers, irrespective of the player is an occasional player or a hardcore gambler after some excitement and fun, could get the entire amount of fun rewards from these simple games.

Classic pokies are available in various styles with different stages of jackpots, you may pick the slots that you like the most.

3-reel pokies give a possibility to play the first variants of pokie games and to feel the spirit of authentic slot machine games

New Video Pokies Machines

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Playing pokie machines is no more the same, video pokie has taken this to another level by adding a variety of bonus structures, themes, payout options and state of the art animated graphics with amazing stereo quality sound. If you are looking for refinement and slick presentation then video pokie machine is the best options for you.

Alongside there is the whole host of franchises with big name like Tomb Raider, Hit Man and The Osbournes getting the makeover of video pokie, the people have a huge appeal towards the games across wide spectrum.

Video Pokies Machines offer:

interactive nature of the bonus games that present players with a series of challenges

mini games with huge rewards

games with thrill and excitement that will motivate pokie players of all age group.


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Common Pokie Myths

If you think that wear­ing red un­der­wear will help you in win­ning the online slots, it is called su­per­sti­tions or lucky charms. If you think that some ma­chines are tight or loose, it is called myths, as they are not true

Strategies for pokies

There are no strategies in the pokies online games. It is a game of luck and nothing can influence it. If you want to make it more beneficial, you should always watch your bankroll.

Hot Streaks in Pokies

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