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Players who love pokie games will definitely want to do whatever they can to ensure that they win a decent sum of money playing these games. Even though pokies were created for fun and entertainment they do offer some great prizes and jackpots and today due to these jackpots players are so attracted to these games. However every person who start to play these machines should understand that pokies are purely a game of chance and there can be no way to guarantee successful playing thes. Another important thing to understand is that the pokies are totally random and it is not possible to predict the outcome of these machines. But there are still some slots tips, which are good for all types of pokies.

Tips to Follow

Though slots are so unpredictable, it is still possible for players to increase their chances of winning or at least ensure that their losses will be minimized if they follow a few basic tips during their game sessions. Below there are a few basic tips that can help you improve your play over time:

  • Play online. If you play pokies online your chances would be higher for winning money because online pokies usually have a payback percentage of 97% to 99% in comparison to pokies in the land based casinos which offer a payback of 91%. The payback percentage would not guarantee that you would win 97% or 99% of your bets but it will at least increase your chances.
  • Stay away from misconceptions, myths and superstitions when you are playing pokies. If anyone tells you that machine is about to pay you money if you play longer just because it is "due" for it, remember that it would be better not to waste money playing on that machine as there are no machines which are due to pay.
  • Even though the results of a pokie machines are not related to the bets you make at all, if you have been having a phase where you have been winning money at the machine, try to get out the best by increasing your bets till you are winning. Similarly if you are losing out a lot of money, lower your bets to make your money for betting last longer.
  • Pokies have a double up feature and you can try to make the best of it. Gamble using the red or black double up feature which can double your money if you win. This is the only bet where there is no house advantage so try to make the best of it.
  • Learn money management techniques. Do not go on gambling all your money on pokies as you would eventually end up losing all of your money. If you do make some profit, keep your profits aside and only play using your original bankroll in order to safeguard all your profits.
  • Only play if you can afford to play. Never gamble on a pokie machine where the minimum bets are too high for you to be able to afford it. Pokies were created for fun and if you keep your losses at a minimum you would be able to enjoy it.

There are specific tips for the novices, which are useful as there are some points that the beginners simply do not know or pay attention to. And later they get frustrated with them. Knowledge means a lot.


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Common Pokie Myths

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Strategies for pokies

There are no strategies in the pokies online games. It is a game of luck and nothing can influence it. If you want to make it more beneficial, you should always watch your bankroll.

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