JackpotCity Casino Review – Why Play JackpotCity Casino Online

Have you already read at least a piece of JackpotCity casino review? If still not, lay your eyes on this article to find your ways on how to fill your bank account.

Must Be Known

Jackpot City Casino is an online gaming platform for those who love to play slot machines, roulette and famous card games like poker and blackjack. It was founded back in 1998 and is now one of the oldest, if not the oldest online casino in the world. Its software is Microgaming and it is protected with an encrypted 128 bits layer in order to protect every transaction the players make and so, this made Jackpot City casino as one of the trusted online casinos to play at.

What to Play

Jackpot City CasinoAccording to the Jackpot City casino review this online casino provides 400+ casino games including the Ladies Nite and Big Kahuna. Ladies Nite is an online casino game offered by Jackpot City casino intended for girls. This is a version for the most attractive female games. It is a 5-reel, non-progressive slots based on what most women do when they hang out during the night. This one comes with symbols of their feminine paraphernalia’s like lipstick, make-up kits and others. On one hand, Big Kahuna, like the Ladies Nite game, is also non-progressive slot machine with 5 reels. It comes with symbols from something ancient people together with fruits and animals like melons, bananas and monkeys.

Winnings Flow

Furthermore, there is another thing that you can find with Jackpot City casino that is very interesting. From another Jackpotcity casino review, it presents some records about the casino jackpot prizes totaled from the very beginning, in 1998. According to it, over 6 million dollars were given away for jackpot winners, which is truly amazing for an online gambling house. It was specifically mentioned that the Loots A Lot game contributed the most, by giving away a total of nearly 3 million dollars. In addition, for the highest amount of the jackpot, it was from a player who played the game Mega Moolah garnered and take home a $270,000 amount. With these records, it is just enough to prove why this online casino is still up and running up to these days, because it is arguably the greatest desired casino games.

Visit Jackpot City Today

Jackpot city online casino is no doubt one of the best casino houses online today where every internet user can surely spend their gambling time with pleasure. You may not win a lot for one time but that is common in all slot machines regardless the place you play them. However, this is more than safe to say if you want to thrifty with your money. There is nothing more you can ask for, you can interact with others while playing. And what is more important, you can find lots of fun there. Just one more favor though, hit your keys now and find a Jackpotcity casino review to start your journey in finding your fortune online.


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