Themed Slots - Types, Variants and Tips to Play

Slot machines come in various themes. These themes are composed of unique and interesting symbols that make game play more fun and exciting. Slot machines are, by their own right, very fun to play. But it is the unique themes that make them more enjoyable and even more attractive. Below you will find some of the most popular themes for slot machines:

  • Fruits – Fruit-themed machines are considered to be the most popular type of slot machines. An interesting fact is that fruit slot machine in the past gave fruit-flavored gums instead of cash.
  • Animals – Animal slots can be very cute. After all, who could resist cute little animals? There are slot machines which feature animals from the wild while there are also machines which feature animals from the farm. There are even machines that feature common household pets.
  • Patriotism – Patriotic slot machines are numerous especially in Las Vegas. The US flag, the American eagle and picture of a colonial minuteman – these are some of the symbols used for patriotic slot machines.
  • Events – Events can also be themes for slot machines. For instance, a Christmas-themed slot machine can feature symbols such as wreaths, candy canes and Santa Claus. A Halloween-themed slot machine can feature symbols like a Jack-o-lantern or a skull.
  • Celebrities – Lately, celebrity-themed slots are becoming very popular as well. All types of celebrities such as singers, dancers, athletes and even politicians could be found in the reels of slot machines.
  • Sports – Sports-themed slots are practically aimed at male gamblers, but it can also attract females who are into sports. Basketball, boxing gloves, golf ball, jerseys – these are just some of the symbols used for sport-themed slots.
  • History – People and popular symbols of ancient time are used for history-themed slot machines. Some of the most popular symbols include Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin, Ancient Temples, and other things related to history.

The History of Themed Slots

The first slot machine basically started out with five symbols. These symbols were bell, horseshoe, diamond, heart, and spade. Eventually, other popular gambling symbols were added particularly cards and coins. A few years after the invention of the first slot machine, machines which feature fruit symbols became popular. That is why they are known as fruit machines. It did not take long before machines started featuring various themes. That is why people can enjoy fruits or Animal Slots these days.

Any beginner should equip himself with a few tips about slot machine game play. Here are some tips for beginners.

  • Look for machines that have the best payouts (Animal Slots is much recommended)
  • Look for machines that have huge jackpot prizes
  • Decide how much money to spend and stick to it
  • Know when to stop

It is always a good idea to consider any type of slot game, such as the Animal Slots for instance, as an unbeatable game. Unbeatable games are games which could not be beaten easily even if the player is a very skilled gambler. Slots should not be taken too seriously as they should provide fun for the player and not stress. Enjoy your games!


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