Pokie Machine or Slot Manufacturers

The pokies history began in Australia and New Zealand and became such a huge hit among the players, that they were soon adapted and introduced in the US and Europe. Today, pokies are a worldwide phenomenon and players all over the world love to play the Aussie-style classic pokies. These games have also been quite popular with the online casinos and continue to be played by players enthusiastically. It is also interesting to understand the mechanics of the slot game.

The Manufacturers

Some of the classic pokie machines are still manufactured in Australia. In Australia there have been quite a lot of slot manufacturers which were responsible for producing some of the most loved pokies which are still found in casinos and pubs across Australia. The matter is that pokies are played across Australia not only online, but also everywhere where it is possible so existence of traditional machines may be explained by the fact that demand on pokies machines is still great. The biggest name in the industry today is Aristocrat like several decades ago.



One cannot discuss about pokies without mentioning Aristocrat. Aristocrat had been founded in the year 1953 and it was three years later that the pokies had been legalized in New South Wales. The Clubman had been the first ever pokie machine introduced by Aristocrat and then the Clubmaster followed. In the year 1984, gambling in Australia went through a total change when they first released the modern day pokie machine. Aristocrat till date remains the biggest player in the pokies industry.


The International Game Technology or IGT has been operating since the 50s but it was only in 1981 that it went public which was still quite a big move in the pokies industry. Today IGT is one of the most well known pokie manufacturer in the US with games like Major Money and Cleopatra which have also been widely popular in the Australian markets.


Konami is relatively new since it first entered the gaming market in Australia in the year 1996. The games manufactured by Konami have great sound quality and graphics which appeal to the modern day pokie players. Games like Incan Pyramid and Money in the Bank by Konami are among the most famous ones today.

Ainsworth Gaming Technology

The biggest and the most well known pokie slot manufacturers were the ones listed above. However, some other smaller companies like Ainsworth too have made a major impact on the industry. The company had been founded in the year 1995 by Len Ainsworth who had earlier been a part of Aristocrat. The company has a huge collection of games like Inca Reef, Wolf King and Aztec Fortune.

WMS Gaming

WMS Gaming is one of the biggest brands in the US today which has some great pokie games available. WMS has just started to release its games like King Midas in the Australian markets and has received much success.

Aruze Gaming

Aruze Gaming had been established in the year 1969 and is basically a Japanese company. Today, the company manufactures pokies for several different markets like South Africa, US and Australia.

Star Games

Star Games is one of the newest in the field since it had been formed in the year 2000. However, their list of pokies is quite impressive with games like Grand Fortune and Kelly Country.

Except for the Aristocrat you will also find some other slots machine manufacturers which are known due to their high-quality machines. Among them you will meet Konami (since 1996 at market), WMS Gaming, Ainsworth Gaming Technology (since 1995 at market), Aruze Gaming (since 1969 at market), Star Games (founded in 2000) and IGT (since 1981 at pokies machine market). There are also other manufacturers but above mentioned are the most famous ones in Australia and even around the world.

Names of the best pokies machine manufacturers should be known not only by casino owners, who must know what machines are really the best, but also by players to be able to understand that the game is operated correctly at once. Besides, knowing machine providers player will be able to find the machines with the best options for gambling. All the machines differ not only in themes, but also in payouts and sometimes information about manufacturer of the machine you play at may help you to understand what odds you have.

How to play pokies

how to play pokies All pokie machines might have some minor differences in their features but the general way in which the game has to be played remains the same. There would be a coin acceptor or a note acceptor on the machine where you would have to insert the appropriate number of coins in order to activate the game.

Are pokies really random?

are pokies really random In pokies, every single spin is totally random. Not many players know how these machines and games work and for that reason there are several different misconceptions, rumors and myths which float around among the players. Many people believe that if they play for a long time they are bound to win.

How to win club pokies

how to win club pokies Not many people would know that the machines which are kept closer to the tables in a casino are usually the ones which have a lower payout ratio. This is because the casinos do not want their table players to get disturbed by the lights and loud sounds when a player wins at the pokies.


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