Pokies Cheating and Slot Cheats


When it comes to casinos, players have always been tempted to cheat at the games. In casinos sites like betway there is a huge amount of money floating around and the temptation is quite strong for the players to get more money than they have rightfully earned. While all of us know that cheating has existed in several different forms in table games like blackjack and poker, when it comes to best betting sites in Australia or pokies cheating is a little bit complicated. Moreover, if the slot cheats are revealed they will have hard time to get into the casino again.

Why Do Players Want to Cheat at Pokies?

Players would do whatever they can if they knew how to cheat at pokies without getting caught. The reason is that pokies offer the biggest jackpots that could ever be won at casinos, both land based and online. Who wouldn't want to get a chance to get a jackpot? The only problem is that the chance of winning a huge jackpot is very rare. There is a one in a million chance of hitting the winning combination in pokies and there are players who have spent all of their lives playing pokies and have never managed to get the jackpot.

For this reason, easy way out for some players is to try and cheat the machine in order to make it give them more money than they have won. If you do not want to be disappointed you can play free slot machines.

Can Players Really Cheat at Pokies?

The pokies have been subject to cheating methods quite often in the past. All pokie machines have always had coin acceptors which were sometimes susceptible to various cheating methods and scams. Most of these cheating methods have never really been successful, quite a lot of them actually made the headlines.

One of the most known cheating incidences involved the use of a short plastic wire and a coin. The size of the coin and the weight of the coin were such that it would be accepted by the machine and the credits would automatically be granted to the player. However, the coin inserted in the machine was attached to a plastic wire and the spin created by it was such that it would make the coin exit through the machine in the payout tray. For this reason, the player would be able to pay as much as he wants on the machine by using the same coin over and over again. However, this particular method can no longer be used today because of the more advanced pokies technologies that have been introduced today.

Modern pokies are controlled by computer chips and today most casinos have their machines with bill acceptors instead of coin acceptors. All of these machines are designed in such a way that it is impossible for the players to cheat on them with any type of devices like coins, sliders or strings. However, more recently a few attempts which have been made for cheating at pokies manipulating the computer chip by disrupting its functioning with microwaves. Most of these methods have never been successful and for winning any money at pokies the best players can do today is to play.


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