Top Slot Machines 2013

Whether it is pulling a lever or pushing a button, slot machines are always exciting. These simple casinogames are what keep attracting a good crowd day in and day out. After all, gamblers can’t resist the rush and anticipation they feel as they wait forslot machinesto show a combination that wins them millions in a matter of seconds.

If you are one of the people who head to casinos because of these machines, more slots are heading your way in 2013 is. Read on to discover what three of the top slot machine manufacturers will be sending to the biggest casinos around:

International Game Technology

The International Game Technology (IGT) is offering a remarkable collection of new games for players in the year to come, a few of these are:

  • Dolly Parton-Named after the famous country singer, this machine doesn’t only play Parton's songs, but it also displays pictures from various stages in her career. Ten complete songs have been uploaded to the base game and you have the option to pick the songs you like thanks to the "Player Jukebox" feature.
  • Take the Cake -It is a sequel to Candy Bars which features colorful animation and cupcakes icons instead of candy bars. There are three level progressive stages that lead towards a dynamic pay table. This machine can handle at mostten credits per line whilethe top prize for the jackpot can reach $3,000.
  • Center Stage -For all movie lovers, this game is ecstasy. With a 103-inch monitor and initial themes like American Idol and The Dark Knight,it is a TV/movie fanatic's haven. With Center Stage, you enjoy gambling and have a little bit of your favorite movie to boost your confidence.

Spielo International

Spielo promises entertainment with its newer and better version of "Deal or No Deal" slot. The Deal or No Deal Join'N Play 2 has a "stress free eligibility". This is because you remain qualified for the rest of the day if you pass the minimal bets round. This version of the game is far more player-friendly as there are fewer times between the bonuses and mystery bonuses. As a result,your anticipation will be cut short and you will get good or bad news relatively quickly.

WMS Gaming

A manufacturer of slots machines and video lottery terminals, WMS Gaming keeps on renewing and updating itself by introducing a variety and different types of products each year. In 2013, it will bring euro casinos high profile brands. Its last offering was the Sensory Immersion game based on rock band KISS. With it, gamblers who enjoy rock music were immersed in the band’s music through the BOSE Surround Sound chair. If you enjoyed this, here are more games of this type coming your way:

      • Cheers- This is based on the popular TV sitcom set in one of Boston's bars. John Ratzenberger has recorded voiceover and gags for bonuses and quips from the show.
      • Spider-Man-It uses the Sensory Immersion 2.0 setup with the motion chair. This chair allows you to move with videos from the Spider Man movie. You take up the role of Spider Man as you move along the buildings in pursuit of the Green Goblin while playing for virtual reality bonus events.
      • Willy Wonka& the Chocolate Factory –This game is completely themed according to the movie featuring Johnny Depp. All of Wonka's Oompa Loompas will be visible to you during the mystery bonus events.

These aside, expect Aladdin & the Magic Quest, Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest, Game field xD, and Monopoly Legends from WMS.

Now you can be at peace after discovering that2013 will be a year filled with quality slots and loads of fun at your favorite casinos.


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