Master Casino Slots: Which Slot Should You Play?

The allure in the slots casino game is mostly the bright colors and stimulating sound effects and music, but a real player will tell you that they are attracted to slots because it is one of the easily beatable casino games.  In order to win slots, you first need to know what slots are and how they work.  In a nutshell, slots are universally attractive because players get to enjoy playing at their own pace and better still, they do not need to have any special skills.  Although slots are simple like Australian betting, they are the most misunderstood of all casino games because the player knows that the government has set a minimum payout.  In other games, the player can determine the odds using complex calculations but in most cases the amounts are estimated.  The minimum payout in slots is 83% in Atlantic and 75% in Nevada.

Which slots should you play?

  • Playing slots costs money, unless you have mastered playing the game and have a sound strategy, do not bank on winnings to pay the rent.  They are fun and a source of entertainment; before you play slots you must understand some basic personal finance management.
  • Always bet the maximum number of paylines.  The jackpot should be your ultimate goal when playing slots, it therefore makes sense that you should only bet the maximum number of paylines.
  • Do you believe in the ‘Hot and Cold’ slot machines myth?  You shouldn’t.  Gamblers are naturally very superstitious people and the idea of a ‘Hot’ slots machine that pays out most of the time has been perfected by casinos to rake in more money.
  • When selecting a machine to play on, look closely for terms that create ambiguity or are misleading for an average person such as ‘up to 90%’ or ‘select machines’.  Casinos will not tell you they have machines that don’t pay out, but an attendant should help you find local players’ favorite machines.
  • When you get to the casino, look for slot machines that have high bonuses and those that offer special features.  You should also look out for any special situations such as super high jackpots or offers on specific machines.
  • The flashiest slot machines are not always the best or the most frequently paying.  Before you select a machine to play with, you should first go through the Pay table and check the payout percentage.

We hope you find these tips beneficial in selecting the best slot machine that you will enjoy playing and will pay you generously for it.


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